Overcome the Curse of Fear

Conquer Fear in Your Life.


New book by Mark Komula.

It describes the journey of George a young man with a problem.  His problem is that he is afraid.  Afraid to make decisions. Afraid to date. Afraid to speak up.  Afraid of everything.   He is shamed into seeking out and meeting the Witchdoctor.   Marcus the Witchdoctor takes him on a ride into his mind and confronts his fear with modern scientific magic.

Follow George as he overcomes his fear and learn methods you can use to overcome your own.

Mark Komula is a certified hypnotist, certified neuro-linguistic practitioner and certified life coach.  He has a MBA and a masters in technology.  He is CEO of Smarter Mojo.

The Curse of Fear: A Witch Doctor's RX to Banishing Fear